The hardest thing about writing… is making the time to write

I’m not a full-time writer… shit, I’m barely a part-time writer at the minute.

In order to call myself a writer, full-time, part-time or otherwise, I’d really need to do one thing, and that’s write.

And truth is, I’m not doing much of that at the moment.

Now, just let me clarify, my lack of writing is no-one’s fault but my own.

My muse hasn’t packed her bags and scurried off to the Bahamas to lay in the sun and suck back tequila shots. For the most part, she spends her time asking, urging, BEGGING me to open the damn laptop and type the DAMN words–to no avail.

I’m not busy running a business; or raising a small brood (I do have two fur babies, but changing kitty litter and filling food bowls is hardly time consuming), and I certainly don’t play any organised sports (trust me, I sweat for no-one).

So what’s the problem, I hear you ask? What’s preventing me from doing all the writing?

Truth be told, I don’t know! Well, actually, that’s not right. I do know. I just don’t know what to do about it.

Here’s the crux: I’m really easily distracted. Like, super easy. I love going out to dinner; thumbing through social posts; playing cards with mum; doing online writing courses; listening to audiobooks–and watching bloody Netflix… damn you, Broadchurch! Urgh!

It’s all very shiny and pretty and commands my attention so completely that there isn’t a lot of time left for doing what I actually should be doing, which is putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, depending on my mood) and getting the damn book written.

I always, always have the best intentions: every night I tell myself I’m going to pull my finger out, crack open the laptop and write as many words as I can muster.

And yet…

I get home, I start dinner, talk to hubs, phone my mum, unwind a bit, pat the kitties… oh, look, I’ve got a bunch of notifications on Insta–better see to those before I start writing. Wait, have they posted a new Three Birds Renovating video? How long does that go for? Hm, 14 minutes. I can totally squeeze that in. Hang on, what day is it? Was I supposed to finalise my Marley Spoon order? Better check my emails and make sure I haven’t missed the deadline. Well, will you look at that, I’ve got a dozen notifications from my online writing course… definitely going to go through them so I don’t miss something important. Oh, that’s right, it’s Monday, and there’s a new episode of Face Off to watch on SyFy (I totally need to see if Rob gets eliminated). OK, so now all that’s done and dusted, it’s time to knuckle down and bash out a few hundred words before–WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN IT’S MIDNIGHT???

See! It’s a fricken nightmare!

Granted, I don’t waste time every night, otherwise I’d literally have no words to show for myself. And sure, I do a lot of research and a lot of planning and world building because when you write paranormal/magic realism, there are tonnes of little details that have to be just right. But, I know for a fact that there are about two hours everyday when I’m faffing around on Facie, or downloading the latest So, You Want to be a Writer podcast, or helping someone else workshop their story, that I could–and I should–be working on my own novel.

So, I need some help; some tips to get me stay focused–or better still, a personal assistant that threatens bodily harm and forces me back to the keyboard whenever something sparkly grabs my attention; and threatens to stop me from finishing the scene I”m working on.

Because, honestly, I love my current WIP. I love the characters I’ve created; the world I’ve built; the plot that continues to reveal itself to me, little by little. I really do love it all; and I want you to love it, too.

But, how can you love it, when I haven’t written it for you, yet?

Not possible, right? So this means I’ve just got to harden up and resist all these stupid, but oh-so-tempting, time-waster that plague me, day in, day our…

Hey, you know what else might be considered a time waster? Writing a blog post about wasting time… just saying.

I need someone to save me from myself.

Published by EC Del Zuanne

Call me, Esther... it’s what the E in EC stands for. I write contemporary, paranormal romantic comedies that will challenge everything you think you know about beasties that go bump in the night. My fun new series, #fangsfurandfreaks, explores what happens when old meets new; light meets dark; and good meets, welllll... not so good. Werewolves. Vampires. Fairies. Dragons. Djinn. Mermaids. I’ll introduce you to all of them and add a shiny new twist to their otherwise snoozeworthy fates. My #fangsfurandfreaks series is funny, fast-paced, and cheeky. My heroines are sassy, and independent. My heroes are super-hot bad boys, who aren’t necessarily what they seem. They're dark, delicious and impossible to resist. Follow me on Facebook (, and Instagram (, or check out some of my mood boards and writing inspirations on Pinterest ( You can also join my Facebook group: Be sure to drop me a line at: I'd love to hear from you. Remember, #fangsfurandfreaks Book 1, Cross My Werewolf Heart is coming soon!

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