Wrongshipping: why can’t I ever get it right?

I’m a huge Jane the Virgin fan. I know it’s a very particular type of show, and most people either love it or hate it… there’s no in between. Personally, I come down hard on the ‘love it’ side, so I was a bit devastated when the very last episode aired on Foxtel last month.

NOW, WARNING: there will be spoilers. Many, many spoilers. DO NOT read on if you don’t want to know what happens at the end of JtV… or Vampire Diaries… or Buffy the Vampire Slayer… or Pretty in Pink. Just don’t, ok? Because I don’t want to hear later on about how I gave something important away.


Last week, I was reading an article about WRONGSHIPPING: a phenomenon whereby you watch a movie or TV show, or read a book, and there’s a love triangle, and you don’t agree with the heroine’s choice of man. You’re barracking for one guy, yet the heroine (and everyone else on the planet) is barracking for the other. And the “other” invariably wins out and you’re left with a broken heart, sobbing into your dressing gown and screeching, “Why? Whhhhhyyyyy?” like a banshee at the TV and… errr, never mind. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyhoo, the bottom line is, you want hero A and the heroine picks hero B. And it’s shit.

I’ll give you an example: Jane the Virgin

Jane (aspiring romance writer, and as the show’s title suggests, virgin), is engaged to Michael (sweet, funny police officer who she mistook for a stripper at her 21st birthday party, and has been madly in love with ever since), is accidentally inseminated with the sperm of sexy, swarthy hotel mogul, Raffael.

Jane ping-pongs between our two heroes for, I don’t know, 40 billion episodes, until (veeeeery long story short), Michael dies, and Jane falls in love with Raf. Then Michale comes back from the dead (like I said, it’s a looong story) but she still marries Raf and they live happily ever after.

And I’m left heartbroken.

I wanted her to pick Michael. I wanted her to marry Michael. I wanted her to live happily ever after WITH BLOODY MICHAEL.

And yet…

This wasn’t the first time I’d wrongshipped a fictional relationship. I’ve got a loooong history of barracking for the wrong guy.

Long and painful.

It all started with Pretty in Pink, when Andie picked popular rich guy, Blaine (#yuck), over her best friend, quirky and funny, Duckie.



Let me tell you, 16 year old me was very unimpressed.

The next time it happened was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my all-time favourite TV show EVER!). Buffy (slayer) falls passionately in love with Angel (vampire with a soul). Loooong story short, Angel loses his soul (nooooo!), murders and tortures her family and friends, so Buffy kills him and sends him to hell (whaaaaa!). He then comes back from the dead (yaaaaay), but they realise they can never be together so they break up and he moves away (sob sob).

Fast forward and Buffy has relationships with a few different guys, in particular, insipid Riley and fan-favourite, reformed big bad, Spike.

At the end, Riley marries someone else, Angel stays in LA and Spike dies.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Seriously. Are you freaking kidding me?

Firstly, they killed Spike? Are they crazy? And secondly, and more importantly for this blog post, Buffy ends up alone??? After all that build up? She should have ended up with Angel! Angel was the love of her life! HE WAS HER SOULMATE!

And don’t give me this, ‘he’s a vampire/she’s a slayer, it’ll never work’ bull because this is the show that brought the main character back from the dead–twice!, dropped in a sister character after five seasons, infected one of Buffy’s pals with the soul of a hyena, turned another into a magic-addicted lesbian hell bent on ending the world, and raised more monsters and demons than ever previously imagined. Anything could have happened on this show.

And yet…

Then there was Vampire Diaries. Everyone was all #teamstefan and I’m like, what??? #teamdamon all the way.

And as for Twilight, I’ve only seen the first movie, but after that even I wanted to stake Edward myself #teamjacob all the way! #alwayschoosethewerewolf #sparklyvampiresmyass

Why do I always pick the wrong guy? And, really, who cares if I do? (Other than me, that is.)

Under different circumstances, this might not be a problem. However, with my current WIP, I’m writing a love triangle between my heroine, a super hot doctor and a sexy bounty hunter. Now, I know who I want my heroine to end up with. I know who I want to be her HEA. But what if that’s not who my readers want?

What if I wrongship my own story??? #yikes

Or maybe it’ll become a thing? Maybe my two heroes will end up with their own hashtags: #teamsonny #teamnash

Maybe people will be wrongshipping and blogging about them!

A girl can only dream, right?





#teamsonny no, wait, #teamnash

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