Wait, what?

I just realised it’s been over 12-months since my last blog post. Twelve months! Where the hell has all that time gone, and what have I been doing with myself?

According to my Facebook feed—because Lord knows I can’t rely on my “goldfish” memory for the deets—here’s what the last year of my life looked like:


Apparently I:

  • got new glasses
  • went to IKEA
  • watched the AFL Grand Final
  • saw Devin Townsend at the Brunswick Club
  • attended the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.

^ Me, with new glasses


  • went out for dinner with friends twice
  • got tonsillitis
  • binge-watched iZombie.

(I think we can safely say October was a fizzer.)

^ Tonsillitis suuuuuuuuux


  • celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary
  • went to dinner and drinks with friends four times
  • saw Noel Gallagher and U2 at Marvel Stadium
  • started making soap
  • binge-watched Cobra Kai.

^ soap making–it won’t seem like such a lame hobby come March!

^ U2 concert number 7


Now we’re talkin’! I:

  • had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G anniversary lunch at Vue du Monde with the Rock God
  • celebrated three birthdays (including my my bestie’s 50th)
  • caught up with friends from Adelaide
  • celebrated Christmas with the best family and friends EVER
  • started re-watching Grey’s Anatomy
  • went to the movies to escape the 45+ degree heat (I think we saw Star Wars?)
  • had date-night with my guuuurl from the other side of the bay
  • saw Elton John at Rod Laver Arena.

^ Vue du Monde… yuuuu-mmmmy!

^ Happy 50th birthday, Jo!

^ Family. Friends. Merry Christmas. Bliss.


  • celebrated the Rock God’s birthday
  • celebrated my mama’s birthday
  • went on a post-Christmas TKMAXX shopping spree with the besties—filled a CRV to capacity
  • went to dinner twice
  • watched half my country go up in flames and foolishly thought the bushfires would be the biggest tragedy of the year.

^ This is what true happiness looks like… full car and empty purses


  • saw Aha and Rick Astley at Margaret Court Arena—my adolescent-self was very happy
  • saw Michael Buble at Rod Laver Arena–my nana-self was also very happy
  • saw Queen + Adam Lambert at AAMI Park–my diva-self was ecstatic!
  • went to a housewarming by the sea
  • binge-watched the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

^ Sing it, Adam!

^ Who doesn’t love being by the sea?

MARCH 2020

  • spent the afternoon pampering my bestie with massages and high tea for her 50th
  • met Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet before his gig at The Forum
  • saw Midge Ure at The Forum two days before everything went to hell
  • spent three weeks looking for toilet paper at the supermarket to no avail
  • washed my own hair for the first time in 11 years–true story!
  • bought a blow dryer for the first time in 11 years
  • picked up my passport, ready for our trip to Vegas and NZ in May… you know how this is going to end, don’t you?

^ I met Tony Hadley! Eeeeeeeee!


  • went nowhere
  • celebrated nothing
  • cooked A LOT
  • cleaned out the kitchen cupboards
  • cleaned out my wardrobe
  • cleaned out the bathroom vanities
  • watched ALL the Netflix and Stan
  • bought three paint by numbers kits—started none
  • bought three paint with diamonds kits—also started none
  • redecorated the lounge room
  • started a shiny, new online shopping obsession
  • didn’t go on my annual writer’s retreat
  • cancelled our Vegas and NZ trip
  • took 2,000,000 photos of the cats.
  • redecorated the toilet
  • decided I will never wear pants without an elastic waist ever again
  • learnt how to have a Zoom meeting with a cat sitting in my shoulder
  • forgot how make up works
  • participated in my first online writers’ conference, aaaand,
  • wrote my first blog post in over a year.

^ I’ll start this beauty… someday

^ The most glamorous loo in the Southern Hemisphere

^ This is Craig. He’s part kitty, part parrot.

But wait, there’s more!

I’ve also managed to outline two novels, replot my current WIP, and plan not one but TWO new series (a paranormal rom com and a contemporary rom com)… oh, and I’m totally mentoring a young fantasy writer now, which has been soooooo much fun!

And that’s it.

You’ll note that I haven’t mentioned the C-word. You know the one, it ends in -19.

Part of me knows I should probably be documenting my experiences through all this—recording my thoughts, examining my fears, exploring my frustrations for posterity and personal development and the love of puppies and whatnot.

I mean, we’re literally living through some future-kid’s history class and it would probably be right to share everything we’re experiencing with that future-kid. But let’s face it, if I started to write about how I’m feeling, it’d just digress into a 15 page diatribe about how incompetent the IT department at work is, and how they couldn’t find their own arseholes with both hands and a GPS.

So, best I just shut up and simply remind myself that there are worse things in the world than being asked to stay home, bake sourdough, watch Netflix and wash my hands.

Keep smiling. Stay safe.

Published by EC Del Zuanne

Call me, Esther... it’s what the E in EC stands for. I write contemporary, paranormal romantic comedies that will challenge everything you think you know about beasties that go bump in the night. My fun new series, #fangsfurandfreaks, explores what happens when old meets new; light meets dark; and good meets, welllll... not so good. Werewolves. Vampires. Fairies. Dragons. Djinn. Mermaids. I’ll introduce you to all of them and add a shiny new twist to their otherwise snoozeworthy fates. My #fangsfurandfreaks series is funny, fast-paced, and cheeky. My heroines are sassy, and independent. My heroes are super-hot bad boys, who aren’t necessarily what they seem. They're dark, delicious and impossible to resist. Follow me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ecdelzuanne), and Instagram (www.instagram.com/ecdelzuanne_author), or check out some of my mood boards and writing inspirations on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/ecdelzuanne) You can also join my Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/fangsfurandfreaks Be sure to drop me a line at: ecdelzuanne@hotmail.com I'd love to hear from you. Remember, #fangsfurandfreaks Book 1, Cross My Werewolf Heart is coming soon!

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