So long, 2020…

… don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out! I DOUBT there would have been a single person on the planet who could have predicted just how crap-tac-ular 2020 would turn out for most of us. I know I sure as hell didn’t. While the rest of the world was recovering fromContinue reading “So long, 2020…”

Wait, what?

I just realised it’s been over 12-months since my last blog post. Twelve months! Where the hell has all that time gone, and what have I been doing with myself? According to my Facebook feed—because Lord knows I can’t rely on my “goldfish” memory for the deets—here’s what the last year of my life lookedContinue reading “Wait, what?”

Wrongshipping: why can’t I ever get it right?

I’m a huge Jane the Virgin fan. I know it’s a very particular type of show, and most people either love it or hate it… there’s no in between. Personally, I come down hard on the ‘love it’ side, so I was a bit devastated when the very last episode aired on Foxtel last month.Continue reading “Wrongshipping: why can’t I ever get it right?”

You like me. You really like me…

… and now I’m shitting myself. Last weekend, I spent three FULL ON days at the Romance Writers of Australia’s annual conference. It was their 28th, and my third, and once again it was a wonderful event that left me exhausted, inspired and, if I’m being honest, more than a little overwhelmed. Here’s why. InContinue reading “You like me. You really like me…”

It’s trope-tastic!

As a romance writer, and avid romance reader, I’ve become a bit of a trope connoisseur. While there are dozens of tropes that pepper romantic fiction and all her wondrous sub-genres (everything from marriages of convenience to secret babies, fake relationships to mistaken identities) I, of course, have my favourites. As I’m sure do you.Continue reading “It’s trope-tastic!”

I went on a writer’s retreat…

… and discovered I had no story. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I had A story. I just didn’t have THE story. But I do now. When I set off on my first ever Melbourne Romance Writer’s Guild annual retreat [PS: who knew Phillip Island was so far away from e-v-e-r-y-thing?], I’d been working onContinue reading “I went on a writer’s retreat…”

Writing the dreaded synopsis… dun, dun, dahhh!

It’s almost as bad as saying a curse word, isn’t it? Synopsis. Syn-op-sis; noun: a seemingly innocuous document inflicting crippling anxiety upon unsuspecting writers since the dawn of time. And yet, this humble creation is one of the most powerful planning (and selling) tools any writer can have at their disposal. True story. Go lookContinue reading “Writing the dreaded synopsis… dun, dun, dahhh!”

The hardest thing about writing… is making the time to write

I’m not a full-time writer… shit, I’m barely a part-time writer at the minute. In order to call myself a writer, full-time, part-time or otherwise, I’d really need to do one thing, and that’s write. And truth is, I’m not doing much of that at the moment. Now, just let me clarify, my lack ofContinue reading “The hardest thing about writing… is making the time to write”

Getting to know… me!

20 interesting facts you’re just dying to know WELCOME TO MY FIRST BLOG EVER! Yaaaay! It seems logical, given that this is my inaugural blog post [insert excited squeal here], and we’ll probably be spending some time together, that I share some info about myself… you know, so you can get to know me aContinue reading “Getting to know… me!”