Wait, what?

I just realised it’s been over 12-months since my last blog post. Twelve months! Where the hell has all that time gone, and what have I been doing with myself? According to my Facebook feed—because Lord knows I can’t rely on my “goldfish” memory for the deets—here’s what the last year of my life lookedContinue reading “Wait, what?”

Writing the dreaded synopsis… dun, dun, dahhh!

It’s almost as bad as saying a curse word, isn’t it? Synopsis. Syn-op-sis; noun: a seemingly innocuous document inflicting crippling anxiety upon unsuspecting writers since the dawn of time. And yet, this humble creation is one of the most powerful planning (and selling) tools any writer can have at their disposal. True story. Go lookContinue reading “Writing the dreaded synopsis… dun, dun, dahhh!”